IRON BOWL WATCH PARTY – AL Chapter Meet & Greet!

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Alabama Brothers!  We finally have an NFL Alumni Alabama Chapter to call our own.  We are excited to meet everyone else that is here.

We have our first meet & greet planned.  We have planned a day to watch some fantastic football together, and have a chance to get to know each other better.  Building our camaraderie and brotherhood first, then building our chapter to bigger heights from there.

NFL Alumni Alabama Chapter Iron Bowl Watch Party 2022Let’s get our chapter off the ground!  We have chosen Birmingham, AL as the most centralized point in the state of Alabama for our get-together.  And we chose the IRON BOWL as a really flipping fantastic display of football talent to get to cheer over and talk about during our first gathering.  Bring your plus one and let’s have a great time!

Kickoff is at 2:30 PM.  We will meet at 12:00 PM to have our first official meeting, and have time to get to know one-another before the IRON BOWL gets going.  Looking forward to it brothers!


NFL Alumni Alabama Chapter First Meet & Greet


Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux

5249 Peridot Pl, Birmingham, AL 35244



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